Budweiser  x  Spotify

Created a campaign for the 2021 Young Ones competition. The campaign was for Budweiser and the goal was to capture a younger audience: Gen-Z and Millennials. 

For this campaign we decided to have Budweiser partner with Spotify and create a campaign scavenger hunt that combined beer, clues, music and the hidden location of a pop-up music concert. The campaign would kick off in four major cities and last 2 months.

I worked on this campaign with Rui Wang and

Dominique Funchess.

"Discover the Beat."

Budweiser x Spotify Cans & Packaging

Final Packaging ATL T.png
Final Packaging ATX T.png
Final Packaging SF T.png
Final Packaging NYC T.png

OOH Ads (Atlanta, San Francisco, New York City, Austin)

Budweiser Billboard ATL.jpg
Budweiser Billboard SF.jpg
Budweiser Billboard NYC.jpg
Budweiser Mural ATX.jpg

Clues Around the City...

Budweiser Clue Code ATL.jpg
Budweiser Spotify Concert Merch-01.png



Social Media (Instagram & Facebook)

Budweiser x Spotify Merchandise


Mask, T-shirt, Wrist Band

Budweiser Mask ATL.jpg


Mask, T-shirt, Wrist Band

Wristband Mockup SF.jpg


Budweiser Mask NYC.jpg
Wristband Mockup NYC.jpg

Mask, T-shirt, Wrist Band


Mask, T-shirt, Wrist Band

Wristband Mockup ATX.jpg

Final Concert Venues

ATL Concert Mockup.jpg
SF Concert Mockup.jpg
NYC Concert Mockup.jpg
ATX Concert Mockup.jpg