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St. Christopher Trucker Relief Fund
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Create a print campaign that sheds light on truckers.


Look closer.

As a driver, any unexpected difficulty in your life can have you feeling lost and alone. But that doesn’t have to be the case. We want to encourage drivers to take the time to look closer and see that they are actually never alone.

With St. Christopher Truckers Fund, you should always know where to turn.


At first glance you read Drivers are alone. You see a lone illustration of a trucker. You see a sea of white space around it symbolizing isolation. 


But, when you look closer, you see that that trucker is not completely alone. 

St. Christopher Trucker Relief Fund is there for truck drivers across the nation. They understand the feelings of isolation, hopelessness and hardship. And, it's their mission to not let truckers feel them alone.

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